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The Management Team would like to welcome all our QVA members to the new website.

QVA is the oldest QANTAS-based Virtual Airline on the Internet, having been running for over 16 years. With over 1100+ flights Schedules to choose from including domestic, international, freight and historical routes, and numerous downloadable FSX & FS2004 models to use in Qantas , QantasLink , Jetstar livery.

We'd be glad to have you aboard!

Latest PIREPs

Flight No. Pilot Dep Arr Duration Aircraft Submitted (GMT) Flight Status
QFA008BH Bryan Randall YBBN YSSY 01.06 B747-438ER 23/06/18 at 20:59 Awaiting Information
QFA505 Richard Swan YBBN YSSY 01.11 B737-838 23/06/18 at 17:49 Arrived
QFA140 Bryan Randall NZAA YSSY 02.44 B737-838 23/06/18 at 17:16 Arrived
QFA141 Bryan Randall YSSY NZAA 02.35 B737-838 23/06/18 at 13:04 Arrived
QFA008BH Bryan Randall YBBN YSSY 01.14 B747-438ER 22/06/18 at 21:29 Arrived


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